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BB Creams VS. Foundation Makeup

by Val

Us ladies are always after the newest skin care trends and we all want to put out best face forward. Makeup is one way that we can look great and present a flawless face. BB creams are one of latest explosions on the skin care market. They offer many of the same qualities that a foundation does, while also claiming to provide many anti-aging benefits that can replace some of the other steps in your skin care routine. So what will work best for your skin, a BB Cream or a foundation?

What makes a BB Cream different from a foundation? Allure says that BB creams, also known as blemish balm, are like tinted moisturizers on steroids. BB’s will hydrate and even out your skin tone, while also providing you skin with anti-aging ingredients, and an SPF. Most BB creams have sheer finish and light to medium coverage depending on the brand. A BB cream offers a broad spectrum sunscreen, a moisturizer,¬† skin lightening properties, a make up primer, and tone correcting abilities. So, do the all skin care properties work in a BB cream. Does your skin actually see the benefits that a BB cream offers? Or, are you better off buying separate products and sticking with your foundation?

Over the years foundation has got a bad rep with pore clogging, creasing, and the infamous orange line on the jawline. Foundation doesn’t provide your skin with any skin care benefits, so why would anyone want to use this product? COVERAGE! This is what so many women are after and can’t find with your typical BB cream. Now, companies are fighting neck and neck to provide women with what they want when it comes to their make up needs. Hence, the invention of mineral foundation make up. WebMd states that most make up is actually made of the same ingredients such as iron oxides, talc, and titanium dioxide that are micronized and ground down into particles to create makeup. The key difference in standard foundation makeup and mineral foundation is what’s NOT in the mineral foundation. Mineral foundation are usually preservative and fragrance free. These two ingredients are usually what clogs your pores and causes irritation in regular foundation. Foundation is not what it used to be years ago. With thousands off shades to choose from and new methods of blending, you should no longer have issues when it comes to pore clogging, creasing, and color match.

Some say that BB creams are just a fad and will run their corse and women everywhere will be on to their next skin care trend. One might say that BB cream could not possibly treat every skin type. No one product can treat a woman’s oily skin, her dry skin, or her acne prone skin. BB cream is just that. One product in three shades, usually, that treats every woman’s skin the same. When we buy our skin care and make up we buy our products for our skin type, right? Then, we have women and make up experts shouting that these BB creams are miracle products. You just have to find the right brand that is made for your skin type just as you would picking out the perfect foundation.

When it comes to buying any make up product it is always important to read the label. Make sure that what you are buying is what it actually claims to be. If you are are looking for a mineral foundation, make sure that you don’t get tricked into buying a product that is “mineral enriched.” This slogan is often used to trick the consumer into thinking that the product is all natural. These products can actually have paraben preservatives or dimethicone that is an ingredient make more smoother skin texture. These ingredients are found in both BB creams and mineral foundation and can cause pore clogging.

It’s all about what you are looking for when choosing a BB cream versus a foundation. While BB creams are known for a lighter coverage than a foundation, there are a few BB brands on the market that offer a full coverage finish. The Asian BB cream brands offer full coverage properties, while the Western market’s BB creams are more of a tinted moisturizer. A foundation may be the may for your to go if you like a full coverage look, or if you want to use separate skin care products for your primer, SPF,¬† and moisturizer that are specifically¬† made for you skin type.


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