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When Should Facial Cosmetic Surgery Be An Option?

by Val

We are living in a society where youth is your golden ticket to success. Our face tells our story. It’s the first thing that people see, and your face is what people remember about you more than anything else. Whether you are dating, applying for a job, or chatting with family and friends on “facetime” your face makes the first impression. We all imagine ourselves to look the way we did in our youth, and then when we see ourselves in the mirror or in a photograph the truth can not be denied, we are all aging. Some of us may age better than others due to amounts of sun exposure, moisturizing, not smoking or drinking heavily, and the use of a regular skin care regimen. Some of us may just need a couple treatments of Botox or dermal fillers to bring the youthful appearance back up to par, while others may need extensive cosmetic surgery to reverse excessive signs of aging.

Cosmetic surgery may be an option for you when non-invasive procedures like Botox, peels, dermal fillers, and collagen injections are not doing enough to enhance your appearance. Non-invasive procedures are meant to get a quick fix on minimal signs of aging like sun spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, under eye sagging and puffiness, or fine lines and wrinkles. In your late forties and early fifties you may notice that you have developed hooded eyes, a sagging chin or neck, loss of skin elasticity, thinning lips, or perkiness in the cheeks. These are all signs of aging that can add years to your appearance and can only be fixed with cosmetic surgery. If you have low self esteem due to the shape of your nose, chin, or bone structure then cosmetic surgery may also be an option that can change your appearance and your life!

You can rejuvenate your eyes all you want with dermatologist visits and retinoid creams, but nothing is going to lift that hooded eye like a browplasty. A browplasty is a cosmetic surgery that can correct the tired and exhausted appearance that comes from stress and aging. Plastic surgeons have perfected this type of cosmetic surgery so there is minimal scarring, and the surgery is guaranteed to take years off your appearance. If you are unhappy with your facial construction whether it be from what God gave you, an accident, or aging you can now change your appearance with facial implants that can improve the structure of your chin, cheeks, and jaw. Facial implants create balance and proportion that can improve your appearance drastically. Cheek implants add volume and prominence to the area of the face that has fallen flat due to aging. Jaw implants can add definition to your face and create a distinct division from your neck. A weak jawline can make your face look imbalanced. A chin implant can increase the size of your chin making it more proportional to your forehead and face. A weak chin can look recessed and flow into your neck, making a normal sized personal look heavier or overweight.

Sometimes it’s just about what God gave you and you either have to accept and deal with it, or change it with cosmetic surgery. Your lips, ears, and nose can be thinner, larger, or disproportional, so the only way to fix them is with plastic surgery. A Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that can reshape your nose. This type of cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance if you have a larger nose and you want to add proportion to your face. A Rhinoplasty can also help people who have breathing issues, or those who want to reshape their “Owen Wilson nose”,  caused from a broken nose. Aging, smoking, and sun exposure can cause the lips to thin. Lip enhancement cosmetic surgery can plump the lips and add fullness to the face. For those suffering from protruding ears that when light shines through them it causes them to glow, than an Otoplasty may be just what you need to bring back your self confidence. This cosmetic surgery involves reshaping the ears by pinning them back closer to the head.

If you want to turn back time and are suffering from deep wrinkles that can not be cured by your dermatologist with facial peels and dermal fillers, then a Rhytidectomy may be a cosmetic surgery option needed to correct your appearance. This type of cosmetic surgery, also known as a face lift, is a last stitch effort in acquiring a youthful appearance by cutting and removing excess skin and wrinkles and then redraping the skin over the face and neck. You are basically getting a fully rejuvenated face when you opt for this type of cosmetic surgery. This is a major cosmetic surgery that requires general and local anesthesia to numb the skin. Your face will be stitched and bandaged after surgery. The dressing will come off by your doctor within one or two days, and the stitches in five to ten days. Your doctor may prescribe you with pain medication and give you instructions to keep you head still and elevated on a pillow. You are also not to smoke as this can cause decay in you skin and take longer for the healing process. You can expect extensive bruising, stiffness, and numbness during the healing process. Most people who opt for cosmetic face lifts can return back to their day to day routines within 2 to 3 weeks. Like with any other cosmetic surgery you are should be satisfied with your results as long as you have realistic expectations about what your appearance will look like afterwards. You are not going to look like a totally different person, but you will look like an improved version of yourself.

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