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How To Minimize The Look Of Scars And Stretchmarks

by Val

Little imperfections that we can do little or nothing about can now be a thing of the past. Stretchmarks and scars have always been a major concern for men and women when it comes to self confidence. We instantly want to hide ourselves from the beach or any revealing clothing when we are plagued with these blemishes. Now there are many treatments we can do at home and even medical spas to hide, fade, or conceal stretchmarks and scars.

If you have a scar on your face, whether it be from an accident or from acne there are now options for you to think about when it comes to lightening or concealing a scar. It all depends on whether you want to visit a med spa, dermatologist, or do the treatment from home. At med spas you are able to try out peels, fillers, and retin-a creams that you can’t buy over the counter. These treatments are guaranteed to lighten or fade your scarring. For concealing a scar you can also use make up primers or a high quality concealer.

Stretchmarks happen when your body gains or loses weight in a rapid manor. Unfortunately, there is no real way to rid yourself of stretchmarks other than a medical procedure. You can conceal or lighten stretchmarks at home with products that you would also use for scarring. Another way to conceal stretchmarks is a spray tan. When you darken the skin,  the stretchmarks are far less visible. Whether the treatments come from home, a med spa, or a dermatologist, you now have more choices when it comes to minimizing the look of your scars and stretchmarks.

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