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What Are The Differences In BB Creams And CC Creams?

by Val
bb cream vs cc cream on face

Move over BB Cream, and make way for the CC creams! For the past year we have all experienced a love affair with our BB creams. BB creams, or Blemish Balms,  have promised us a flawless complexion as well as an all in one skin care product that contains sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, wrinkle repair, and antioxidants just to name a few. So, what could be better than that? Well, as soon as we get used to one product, here comes another promising everything that the BB promises and more. The CC cream has now hit the markets and we are on to this new trend that is promising us perfect skin.

The purpose of CC cream was to retain all the skin care benefits of the BB cream while adding some nourishing ingredients and also using light diffusing particles to reduce the appearance of redness. CC creams are known to include skin beneficial properties such as sunblock, moisturizer, and blemish prevention as well as treatment for hyper pigmentation. Some consumers of CC cream claim the the this cream has a lighter formula than the BB cream which allows you to have a even smoother application without the oily residue. Coverage has been a key problem with CC creams. Different brands offer different amounts of coverage, and some people have said that they find the CC creams work better as a primer than a substitute for foundation.

So, should we be throwing out all our BB creams, and swapping them for the new CC cream. I would say, not so fast. There are many BB cream brands that are offering most of the same skin care benefits that these new CC creams are advertising. There is a key difference in Western and Asian BB creams. The coverage of Western BB creams tend to be more like a tinted moisturizer, while the Asian marketed BB creams provide you with a thicker consistency much like that of foundation. The new CC creams are promising color correction properties, that the Asian markets are already putting in their BB cream products. Western BB creams usually only offer  a sunscreen, primer, and antioxidants in their BB creams, so now they have introduced these CC creams with the remainder of the skin care benefits.

If the reason you care looking at trying out a CC cream is coverage, I would think about trying an Asian BB cream first. A CC cream is not going to provide you with a foundation like coverage. A CC cream has a lighter texture that will give you a more natural look with very minimal coverage. If you are think about trying out a CC cream because you just want all the skin care benefits and you are just looking for a great primer, then a CC cream may be just what you are looking for. There are many brands out there that offer different coverages and shades to choose from. Some brands might have a deeper coverage than others, so it’s best to read the reviews. Sephora now has a gadget on their website that will match your color to the shade of BB cream or CC cream that will best suit your skin tone. They also have a multitude of reviews were people have already tried each product, so you can see how people view the coverage and shade match.

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