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Back And Body Acne

by Val

Back and body acne can be just as painful and lower your self esteem just as much as facial acne. Body Acne can occur anywhere on your skin that produces sebum. Sebum is produced when oil, hair follicles, or dead skin may be clogging your pores. Most people suffering from this type of acne have blemishes that occur on the back, chest, neck, or  shoulders. There are many was to treat this type of acne and preventative measures you can take to insure that these blemishes disappear for good.

Always worrying about what you are wearing, or if you are exposing a breakout on your back or body  can be stressful.  Sweating and the friction of your clothing against your skin can also irritate or cause even more breakouts.  Wearing certain types of lotions, bronzers, or sunscreens can also cause a massive breakout if your skin is allergic to the ingredients. If you notice a new breakout examine your products and take note of any ingredients that may be causing havoc on your skin and discontinue them.

You can also treat your body acne with products that are designed for this type of acne. It may not be products that you are using that is breaking your skin out. It may be that your skin is sensitive to environmental stresses, or is just naturally oily. If so, you can find products that contain salicylic acid that comes in a cleanser or spray form. Use these products twice a day in the morning and night and you should be cleared up in no time.  It is important to know your skin and watch the signs of products that may be irritating your back and body.



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